Wednesday, May 01, 2024

Beltane/May Day 2024


for summer is a’comin’ in

And winter’s gone away-o

from the May carol “Hal-An-Tow” 

traditionally sung on May 8 in Helston, Corwall

Beltane is the first day of summer in the Celtic calendar midway between the vernal equinox and the summer solstice. Here’s a 1965 BBC video of The Waterstons singing Hal-A-Tow.

Tuesday, March 19, 2024

Vernal Equinox 2024


On this day of equal dark and light,

let us set extremes aside

and celebrate spring's arrival.

Lettering with Calligraphica Crystals and Hiro/Leonardt #40 "blue pumpkin" nib

Thursday, February 01, 2024

Celtic Spring Greetings for 2024


the first day of Celtic spring,

bring us light and growth
as the days lengthen
and the wheel of the year turns.

Lettering was done with Leonardt #40 blue pumpkin nib
and Rose Gold Calligraphica Crystals.
Tiny buds are Pieris. Background is snow on Pachysandra.

Thursday, December 21, 2023

Winter Solstice 2023


From the Latin
sol (sun)
sistere (to stand still)

May the stillness 
of the solstice
fill our hearts
and bring peace
to our souls.

Art from my most recent book, Offerings
photograph by Kevin Harkins

Thursday, November 23, 2023

Thanksgiving 2023

Lettering with Calligraphica Crystals and Leonardt #40 (blue pumpkin) nib, Pattern with feather and coffee grinds and water made in Anne McMillan’s Handmade Brushes class, Baptisia (false indigo) seed pods

Wednesday, November 01, 2023

Samhain Greetings

 The days may get shorter,

and the nights longer,

but the light will never leave us

and will always grow again.

Samhain is the first day of winter and the new year in the Celtic calendar. Witch hazel (Hamamelis) leaves and Shizen black handmade round paper. Lettering done with Leonardt #40 "blue pumpkin" nib and Calligraphica Crystals.

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