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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Solstice Greetings

Wishing you well on this the shortest day.

No Studio Sunday today but tomorrow will bring a post about the process of designing this year's card.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Solstice Card Giveaway

After last year's postal fiasco with my solstice cards, I decided to simplify things this year and had postcards printed. I have some extras, so the first 20 people to send me an email with her or his address will get a card in the mail. For everyone else, the image will be posted here on Sunday.

susan (at)

The Spirit Books in Bound & Lettered

The new issue of Bound & Lettered contains an article I wrote about the Spirit Books. You can find information about purchasing individual issues or subscribing here.

Here's something from the article:

Making the Spirit Books has been in many ways about letting go—of words, of imagery, of control—and giving voice to the materials. There is not and will never be a preliminary sketch of a Spirit Book. I work intuitively with no starting plan. I view them as both books and sculptures. As books, I am concerned with the experience of turning the pages. As sculptures, I try to create objects where all the elements work together to create a harmonious whole. It’s not about how I want the Spirit Books to look but how they need to look.

Thank you John Neal!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Book Arts Tuesday-Moose Journal

I love this post about making a journal on Idaho Beauty's Creative Journey blog. Here's how she starts the post:

I've been working up a journal to give my hair stylist for Christmas. She's an avid huntress who did not have the best luck this year. I'd told her about the issue I ran into when thinking to use my moose photo on a padfolio with the nose ending up on the flap and...oh no - the moose's rear on the front cover. She laughed and thought that might actually be fun.

Most often she writes about quilting but always she shares both details of her process and the thinking behind her work. This post also has some great hints for simple bookmaking tools.

Photos on Fabric on Idaho Beauty's Creative Journey

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Holiday Discount on Books at etsy

15 by 15
What better gift, for someone else or for yourself, than a book? To make it easier, I've created a discount coupon for my etsy shop: 15% off any order ($10. or over) if you make your purchase by December 15. The code is: 15by15

Titles Available:
Books ($12 to $20):
* The Spirit Books
* Art Lessons: Reflections From An Artist's Life
* Handmade Books For A Healthy Planet
* A Flower A Day for May

Instructional Ebooks available for instant download ($3 to $10):
* Festivals of Light: Making Books for the Holiday Season
* Gung Hay Fat Choy: Making Books for Chinese New Year
* Making Books for Young Learners
* Homes for Poems: Making Books for Poetry
* Getting To Know You: Making Books That Tell Who You Are & What You Care About
* Yearbooks
* Fabulous Four: Star, Diamond, Spiral, & Necklace Books
* Fantastic Five: Alphabet Books
* Entertaining Eight: Step Books
* Diamond Fold Books

Visit Susan's etsy shop

Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Book Arts Tuesday-Brush & Ink Book

This set of books was made from a half sheet of pastel paper (12.5 x 19") with brush marks made with sumi ink.

I was inspired by the books I made a last year around this time using old practice papers.

I wanted to do something similar for my Book Play workshop last week at Rolling Ridge Retreat Center in North Andover, MA. I decided that we would make the papers with ink and use them to make what I call hot dog booklets. The theme of the day making books from one sheet of paper and experimenting with ways to vary them. The large green book on the right was made with the whole sheet. The blue books were made from another: the larger from one half, the taller small one from one quarter, and the wider small one to its left from a quarter torn in half to make 2 long strips. If you want your pages to be wider than tall, you need to start with a narrow piece of paper.

Here are a few of the brush books made in the workshop:

Printed directions for making a hot dog booklet

Printed directions in Spanish for making a hot dog booklet

Video Directions for making a hot dog booklet

Information about Book Play Workshops (Scroll to the bottom.)
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