Sunday, June 04, 2006

Further Thoughts on Exhibiting Artists' Books

After yesterday's writing on the wonderfulness of handling artists' books, I feel I do have to reveal that I do not always follow that policy with my own works. When I exhibit work from the Spirit Book Series, I usually exhibit it as sculpture and request that it not be handled. Such was the case when I exhibited the entire Spirit Book Series last fall at Regis College. What we did do was schedule a Gallery Talk and Hands-on Viewing on a Sunday afternoon. After I gave a short talk about the work, white gloves were handed out and people had a chance to handle the books. About fifty people came and all seemed moved by the experience. Since not every exhibition situation allows for handling the books, having a one-time event that allows people to do so might be a good compromise.

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Anonymous said...

This work gives me a sense of mesmorization. It has an ancient quality as if the twigs and beads and paper can transport the viewer to a place before printed books or even written books, somewhere back when books and trees were one...I love these spirit books. Thank you.

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