Monday, March 19, 2007

Translations in Progress

Translations opens at Sasaki Associates in Watertown, MA on March 29. My husband and I will be installing it on the 26th. The 105 squares are almost finished. I purchased 8" wooden square panels for painting at Artist and Craftsman Supply in Boston. After a coat of polyurethane, they are covered with a red Lokta paper from Nepal that I purchased at Rugg Road in Boston. It's a relaxing but time-consuming project in which I have been ably assisted by Kate Getz, a Newburyport High School Junior.

Part II of the exhibition will be Translations III: Spring Awakening, an installation on the river birch trees in the courtyard. Banners of handmade paper from Bhutan with ink drawings of natural materials will be hung on all the trees. To the Druids, the birch is a symbol of new beginnings and awakening. After the weather-related trials of the first Translations installation at Maudslay, I have taken to making the banners two layers thick with the cord inside flexible plastic tubing which is inserted into channels that have been sewn in the paper. I was overwhelmed at the thought of sewing 41 banners that were 4" wide and 84" long. My friend Chris Bobek saved the day when she brought her sewing machine to my studio and the two of us spent a day stitching away. This week I will be going to Watertown to gather natural materials for the drawings.

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