Thursday, March 29, 2007

Translations Installation

My husband Charlie and I spent two days at Sasaki installing the work. On Day 1, we installed all the squares. We had to drill and place 105 screws. The squares are arranged in sets of five in a variety of configurations.

Charlie had a brilliant idea to make a guide out of angle iron which friend Ed Eaton fabricated. The guide has five holes drilled in it the correct distance apart. After finding the center of the wall, we were able to screw in the guide, level it, and correctly drill the rest of the holes in the row.

It was still a lot of work but without this tool it would have much more diffcult and not as even and straight. I worked hard to be a good helper and we were tired but still cheerful at the end of the day. I could never even dream of projects like this if I didn't know I had Charlie to figure out all the details.

On Day 2, we installed the banners on the trees. This went much more quickly. The indoor and the outdoor make a good combination.

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