Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Last Frontier in Lowell

After I visited Kerouac's scroll in Lowell a couple of weeks ago I went to a gallery talk and reception at Gallery 119 in Lowell for The Last Frontier, work by Jim Higgins and Anna Isaak-Ross. Jim has been exploring abandoned mills in Lowell since the 1970's. Anna, his partner Joan Ross's daughter, began by carrying his photo bag as a child and now accompanies him on artistic journeys of her own. The exhibit contains photographs by Jim and sculpture and video by Anna.

I've admired Jim's work for years. The photos here are dark and atmospheric with a feeling of nostalgia for an abandoned world and an otherwordly quality in the interplay of light and dark. I loved Anna's videos for themselves and because they may turn out to be guide along my path. I am going to explore the possibilities of video in my work. More to come, I hope, on the subject.

You can read more about the exhibit in the Lowell Sun and see some of Jim's photos on his website.

The exhibit continues until October 4.

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