Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Fiber + Book

Fiber and Book is at the Fiber Art Center in Amherst, MA from September 23 to October 27. It features the work of Jody Alexander, Aleta Braun, Lauren Camp, Karen Kunc, Aimee Lee, Sharon McCartney, Liz Mitchell, Catherine Nash, Teresa Paschke, Lisa Beth Robinson, Gail Smuda, Pamela Spitzmueller and Sandy Webster.

As the website states:
Fiber + Book, an exhibition celebrating exceptional book art from across the United States, features work by artists who employ fiber techniques and a love of surface enrichment to create beautifully fabricated books full of vivid imagery, rich textures and compelling stories. The artists in this show challenge the very definition of the book itself and stretch the possibilities of fiber techniques with works that have been sewn, woven, knitted, quilted, sculpted and created out of handmade paper, thread, twine, wood and fabric.

Fiber + Book investigates the many reasons that these book artists are drawn to fiber as a forum for their ideas as they explore and record personal experiences with nature, history, science, social interaction and spirituality. While some of the books display traditional structures, methods and craftsmanship; others introduce new forms and focus on content derived from book text or illustration; or reveal new uses for synthetic materials and the detritus of our daily lives.

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