Friday, January 16, 2009

The Passing of Judith Hoffberg

I was saddened to her of the passing of Judith Hoffberg who published Umbrella magazine for thirty years. This wonderful magazine had an emphasis on artists' books, mail art, and Fluxus, but was filled with Judith's wide knowledge of the art world and her intrepid spirit. Most recently an online publication, it was for most of its days printed on blue paper. It was the only magazine that I always read the day it came in the mail. Judith also was the creator of The International Edible Book Festival which occurs annually on April 1st.

Judith's obituary in the LA Times

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Unknown said...

Thanks Susan for the note on your elegant blog. Hoping that the Books About Book List will get people reading and talking about books. I had offered a prize to the first person to read all the books on the list... but I ate it.
You can always find me reading on the Broadway #104 Bus.

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