Saturday, April 11, 2009

A Celebration of the Books of David McPhail

This year the Newburyport Literary Festival is honoring children's book author and illustrator David McPhail who grew up in Newburyport. The Firehouse has a wonderful exhibit of David's illustrations downstairs. Upstairs is a companion exhibit of work inspired by David's books by kindergarten students from the Brown School in Newburyport. The vibrant and varied illustrations were done under the guidance of school librarian Judy Avery. She began by introducing the children to David's books and then gave them additional time to view his books on their own. They watched a DVD about David and his development as an artist. When he was a child, he drew all the time, often on brown paper bags. To prepare for their final illustrations, the students followed his lead and did sketches on brown paper bags. They did their final drawings on white drawing paper in their choice of media.

The complete schedule of events at the Newburyport Literary Festival including events for children and young adults throughout the day.
David McPhail will be signing books in the Children's Room of the Newburyport Public Library from 2:30 to 3:45.

More photos from the children's exhibit


Lucia said...

What a beautiful tribute from the children of Newburyport to David McPhail! Thanks to librarian Judy Avery for introducing McPhail's books
to them and thereby nurturing their creativity. Looking forward to visiting the Firehouse during the Festival weekend 4/24-4/25 to view the exhibit along with the closing ceremony on the 25th honoring Mr. McPhail.

Anonymous said...

This tribute to David McPhail is evidence that librarian Judy Avery must indeed work many more days per week than the one for which she is paid. The Newburyport school system is lucky to have such a dedicated person in their employ. More fortunate are the children about whom she so obviously cares and whose imaginations she nourishes. Thanks also to David McPhail for all the wonder he has shared, and congratulations to all of the talented young artists whose works are to be on display.

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