Monday, May 11, 2009

Annual Juried Issue of Letter Arts Review

I have a piece in the new issue of Letter Arts Review. It's exciting to be part of this beautiful issue. In reading Editor and Designer Christopher Calderhead's comments, I was surprised to learn that the placement of the images was in alphabetical order of the names of their creators. I couldn't picture my piece in a better pairing than with Cari Ferraro's books. The whole issue is full of wonderful work, all beautifully displayed.

After many years of using my lettering mostly in correspondence and around the house projects, it is finding its way back into my work. As always, a new piece of work comes from a period of simmering. I first got interested in the idea of superimposing my lettering on photographs as a kind of digital graffiti when I was walking around Lowell recording sounds as part of a Sound Workshop (this will be a long time simmering) with Walter Wright of 119 Gallery. When I saw this empty billboard here in Newburyport, I knew immediately that this was a perfect background. I'd like to make it a series but empty billboards are infrequent. The one in Newburyport was left blank for quite a while so I had the mistaken notion that if I spotted another one I didn't have to rush to take the photo. After a siting in Haverhill, I've learned that time is of the essence. Or better yet, be prepared with the camera in the car.

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mzadinkra said...

Just wanted to say thanks for a beautiful site! I am a lover of words and lettering but just begining to explore them in detail.
My daughter is very passionate about words and language. We were both very excited to discover your site and the info about bookmaking. This will truly be our obsession this summer!
I look forward to receiving your newsletter.
Thanks again for sharing your beautiful world.

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