Wednesday, June 10, 2009

How To Survive and Prosper As An Artist

The sixth edition of Caroll Michels's book, How to Survive and Prosper As an Artist: Selling Yourself without Selling Your Soul, has just been published. I was so impressed by her previous edition that I hired her to coach me to promote my Spirit Book exhibit in 2005. She was a great help both practically and emotionally. One thing I learned is that the first person you have to convince you are worthy of attention is yourself. When she was working on this revised edition, she requested information about using the internet and I am pleased to say there are five paragraphs in the book about my doings on the web. I'd give her book high recommendations even if I weren't mentioned. She is practical, knowledgeable, and has the artists' interests at heart.

Caroll was interviewed by Jari Chevalier as part of her Living Heroes series of podcasts. You can listen to it here.

And you can get career information based on the Appendix of Resources in her book at the Artist Help Network.

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