Saturday, December 26, 2009

2nd day of Christmas

Every year I make this wreath with holly (Blue Stallion with deep green leaves and no berries since it is a male) from the garden. It is wired to a circle with an X in the middle that I cut from cardboard. I was inspired by a Revels performance. All the details are no longer clear to me (it was probably twenty years ago) but I remember it was a bit of a departure. While the Revels usually focuses on a cultural theme, that year there was an ongoing story line about St George that was written by Susan Cooper. There was a large wreath as part of the set with an X in the middle. The symbol of a circle with a cross is also in Susan Cooper's The Dark is Rising, book two in her five part series and a favorite holiday read. I believe that year the Revels also featured a sound and light installation by Christopher Janney.


Cari said...

Beautiful wreath, Susan. I believe that this symbol is a very old one, and can only speak to us through its image, but it has been interpreted to be a symbol of Earth, or the four directions (and thus the classical four elements, earth, air, fire water), and also forms the basis for the Wheel of the Year.

Susan Kapuscinski Gaylord said...

Thanks Cari. I started to write about the wheel of the year on this post but decided to keep it short. One of the things I hope this set of posts over 12 days will help me do is simplify so that I can post more regularly. We shall see.

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