Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Family Literacy Workshop

I had a wonderful time last night at Family Literacy Night at the Mill Pond School in Westborough, MA. Four groups of parents and children each spent fifteen minutes with me. I shared some of my collection of traditional books from different cultures and then we made one or two simple books together. It was fast-paced and lively and I heard lots of people talking about making more books at home which what I love to hear. As usual we used recycled materials: used paper with writing on one side and cereal boxes. Families also spent time looking at a display of sample books outside the room.

Favorite quote of the evening: "I'll never look at a cereal box the same way again."

Favorite reaction to a book: A mother looked at the Book to Heal the Spirit accordion book and told her daughter they would make one for a family friend who has cancer.

Photos from the evening

Books Around the World, a look at some of the books in my collection


Rachel said...

This is so cool. I work for a company called Easyread, which runs a reading scheme, and we are always on the lookout for resources that we can share with the families using the scheme. Getting the kids to make their own books would be a fantastic way to encourage them to engage with the whole reading process, especially as so many of them have had years of really negative experiences of learning to read.
Thank you!

Susan Kapuscinski Gaylord said...

I have never seen a child make a book who couldn't wait to write in it. Making their own books empowers kids to both write and read. And families can work together to tell their own stories.

The Library Lady said...

Some of the these look like they would make great activities for our "May is Get Caught Reading Month" where I work! Thanks for the inspiration.

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