Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Father's Day Book

At a few of the family and student workshops I gave in the past week, kids made books for their fathers for Father's Day. It inspired me to make one in memory of mine. Several of the kids made books about their father's favorite things.

I used a piece of US Letter/A4 paper with writing on one side and a cereal box for the covers. I used paper from the collage box for the illustrations. I like the look of the design that extends across the pages but if you do it with collage papers, you'll have to recrease the folds for the book to fold up easily.

Written directions

in Spanish


Some of the books from the workshop


P-A-McGoldrick said...

Thanks for sharing, Susan.
These are wonderful books! I am sure that Dads will be so glad to receive these gifts and to be remembered for all the things that make them special.
In the past, I have written a poem about my Dad; now, in his memory, I think I'll make a book as a home for it!

violette said...

What a great idea - wish i had thought of that!

I've written to my Dad (now deceased) and also created a shrine for him but have never made a book like this. What a great way to honour someone living or dead.

love, violette

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