Friday, November 19, 2010

Grape Vines and Rocks

In bed this morning I got the brilliant idea that I should try to make a giant sphere from grape vines that I could entwine with white lights and put in the front of the house for the holidays. This is what I made instead.

I could not get the vines to form a shape remotely resembling a sphere. I'm not sure I could do it in any season without soaking the vines first but they were more brittle than when I made a wreath in September and were not cooperating. I decided to just go with the shape and this emerged. I had been wanting something to put on the outdoor table since my pot of impatiens died and this was perfect. I thought about buying some gourds for it but it seemed wasteful to get them so late in the season when I'd be wanting greens in a short time. And I had a small pile of stones after raking and tidying up the garden.

Bottom photo shows bricks from Maudslay installation and Ben Kirk's fox from Maudslay.


Anonymous said...

My dear friend Bonnie Cohen, a papermaker in SF Bay Area, did in fact make a sphere. Before I knew her or knew who she was, although not before I had seen some of her handmade paper, I went to her house for an event completely unrelated to book arts. When I walked into her living room, there was a sphere, I believe made of grapevines, a little bit larger than a basketball, surround by hundreds of petals/leaves made probably of rice paper. I looked at the book. I looked at Bonnie. I looked back at the book, and then back at Bonnie, and said: That's a book isn't it? She said, Yes. Beginning of a beautiful friendship!
—Cynthia I.

Lisa said...

this is a collector of rocks and all things twiggy i can't think of a better centerpiece!

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