Thursday, December 30, 2010

Sixth Day of Christmas

Connecting with friends and family is one of the joys of the season. Here is my display of handmade cards we've received along with a framed piece with a text of mine. It was from my photocopier days with a copied hemlock branch and hand-lettering. Here's a shortened version from Calendar Journey which was published in The Bridge Review from UMass Lowell.

It is the time of the winter solstice, a vulnerable point in the year, a time of extremes, the shortest day, the longest night. In ancient days, fires burned, candles were lit, evergreens were brought indoors. Feasting and revelry helped dispel the darkness and celebrate the light. We still keep the customs. But at Christmas, I feel a weight, a heaviness, along with the festivity. I feel the season itself ask me to make it a vulnerable point in my year, to open my heart, and in doing so, feel the darkness as well as the light, sorrow and sadness as well as joy. I celebrate the light in the darkness.

You can read the complete Calendar Journey in The Bridge Review. Look up on the right side to proceed through the pages.

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