Saturday, January 01, 2011

Eighth Day of Christmas: Welcome 2011

Wishing you all of the above in 2011.

The image was built in Photoshop from a photograph and hand-lettering. When I work in Photoshop (self-taught and I learn as I go—no extra information please), I have a hard time being orderly. I sometimes, okay often, don't save steps I should and find myself having to redo entire images instead of being able to go back into my work and make changes. So a lesson for the new year, be more careful. Work more slowly. Think before I click.

My workshops are all about tapping into one's creativity in a free and open way and I often say, "It doesn't matter" when asked if it's okay of something is crooked or some such question. After my experience with doing and then redoing this image, I will now say, "It matters only if it matters to you. It is completely your choice. And whatever you decide is valid and right." In this case, I couldn't start the year with an image that bothered me. So my choice was to take the time and make the changes.

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