Thursday, February 10, 2011

Valentine Count Up/Netflix Heart Book

After the netflix envelope is opened, there is that wonderful piece of red paper. Of course, I've been saving them. I had an inspiration for Valentine's Day to make a heart-shaped book. And what better content than My Favorite Love Stories on Film.

I made two small books and glued them together for six double-page spreads. One will give you three.

Make a hot dog booklet.

Or you may prefer written directions (scroll to the bottom to get the directions in Spanish).

Open the book to a full sheet of paper again, and completely cover the inside with glue (I prefer glue stick). Close the book back up again and apply pressure to smooth out the glue. You must do this or you will have four separate hearts instead of a book.

Cut the book into a half a heart shape with the center of the heart at the spine.

If you'd like a longer book, make and cut a second book. Glue the two together by putting glue on top of one and placing the other on top.

You can use as is or add a hanger. Fold a piece of ribbon or yarn in half and thread the folded end through a bead. Leave a loop and tie a knot with the bead inside.Put one end of the ribbon on the outside and one on the inside of the book. Tie the two ends together at the bottom with a double knot.

You can view my Netflix Heart Book on flickr.

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