Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Another billboard

Two days ago my daughter and I were driving up Route 1 in Salisbury, MA when I let out a cry, "Look!" There was a perfect example of that elusive object—an empty billboard. I wasn't too far from home so when we finished our errands, I went home for the camera and returned. I started the series a few years ago (Breathe and Listen) but this is only number three. Finding a billboard is rare enough and then having the camera with me as well makes it a hard thing to find.

I added the lettering back home by way of scanner and photoshop. The word "attend" has stuck in my mind since I read the quote from St. Benedict: "Listen and attend with the ear of your heart." And when I looked it up in the dictionary, the first definition is "be present at" which is where we should be—present in life.


Mo said...

reminds me of these words painted at the side of the railway track near Paddington Station in the 70's -

"Far away is close at hand in images of elsewhere"

from the poet Ruth Padel's website

Susan Kapuscinski Gaylord said...

Thanks Mo. Great line and great story behind it.

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