Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Pecha Kucha Portsmouth/Circles for the Seasons

I am preparing to participate in Pecha Kucha Night in Portsmouth, NH tomorrow. It's called Sakura: A Night of Creative Awakening and donations will be collected to support the efforts of Architecture for Humanity in Sendai, Japan. The themes include rebirth, reawakening, and Japanese culture. I will be showing slides from Circles for the Seasons that celebrate spring.

I have been reading about these events for a few years and wanted to participate. I saw a poster about this event last week in Portsmouth. And now I am signed up and getting ready. It will be a challenge. Here's how it works: Each presenter shows twenty slides and has twenty seconds to talk about each. Here's the tricky part—the slides are automatically advanced so twenty seconds means twenty seconds. I have my images selected and sent and am at work on the talking part.

Check back Friday for a report. I'm looking forward to seeing and hearing all the presentations.

View Circles for the Seasons on flickr.

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Mo Crow said...

I love all this new series Susan! such an inspiring meditation on the beauty of nature. The celestial colours of this latest one remind me of David Stephenson's photos of the domes of the grand cathedrals of the world, his book is Visions of Heaven: The Dome in Eurpopean Architecture. You can see photos here-

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