Sunday, July 24, 2011

Studio Sunday/Blocks of Wood

One section of the studio is storage for workshop materials. I use blocks of wood when I do Japanese bindings—one block goes under the book to protect the table and the other is used as a hammer. It works well and I think it is a little safer than a hammer. It doesn't hurt quite as much if you miss and hit your finger.

In a workshop, the sets of blocks are shared by two or three kids. Each one gets a sewing kit.

* 1 size 16 tapestry needle (These have a very large eye. They're bigger than one would usually use for bookbinding but they're easier to thread. I purchase them at JoAnn Fabrics in packs of 5.)

* 1 small pencil (for marking the holes)

* 1 nail (to make holes for Japanese bindings)

* 1 push pin (to make holes for pamphlet binding)

* 1 small piece of cardboard about 2"x 3" (to protect the table when making holes for a pamphlet binding)


Viki said...

This Summer I've been teaching a friends 2 girls how to make books. I made them each one of these kits. Fantastic Idea! They love the idea of recycling paper and boxes into books.

Irene said...

I haven't seen your Japanese bindings. Are they on You Tube?

Susan Kapuscinski Gaylord said...

Japanese bindings not on youtube yet. Am not sure when.

Tammy G-D said...

A portable book binding kit - how ingenious!

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