Sunday, July 03, 2011

Studio Sunday/Standing Desk

My terrible posture while working on the computer (combined with not enough stretching and exercise) is causing me all sorts of physical problems. One of the recurring ones is shoulder pain. I have knowledge that should help me—Alexander Technique and Qi Gong classes—but once I become engaged with a writing, art or design project, it all goes out the window. My latest attempt is a standing desk which I am optimistic about. Today is Day One and so far it is more comfortable than I expected. I am certainly less stationary and moving more.


Viki said...

be sure you don't lock your knees. In fact put something on the floor that you can place one foot on to raise it every once in awhile and switch back and forth. A good medium underfoot is good too... many are recommending a mat like those prof. cooks use. The first few days/weeks your feet may hurt more than usual, but I've heard great things about standing desks. I've been thinking of doing this myself, thus all the info above.

Cari Ferraro said...

Thank you for this suggestion, Susan. It is a problem so many of us have. I am looking at a whole host of Alexander Technique videos on their website, and it is similar to the technique I learned from Esther Gokhale's book "Eight Steps to a Pain-Free Back" which is very comprehensive and has different chapters about proper posture for sitting, standing, lying on the back and on the side, and walking. I'm thinking she built somewhat on this technique. Let us know how this works out for you. Very good for bones too, weight-bearing exercise!

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