Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Book Arts Tuesday/23 Sandy Gallery

23 Sandy Gallery is located in Portland, Oregon. I wish it weren't on the opposite coast but the great thing is that owner Laura Russell uses the web to make it accessible from anywhere. Here's she describes the gallery:

23 Sandy Gallery is a fine art gallery located just east of downtown, in Portland’s central east side arts district. We present local and national artists working in contemporary book arts, painting, photography and printmaking. The gallery also serves as a community gathering space with lectures, workshops, salons, readings and more.

Pages to spend time on:
Artists in Inventory: Each artist gets a page with biography, statement, and images of work. The largest representation goes to book artists, but there are also painters, photographers, and broadsides. All of the work shown is for sale. Above photo is of Look Towards Home by Mary Beth Boone.

Blog: Laura has a great blog featuring exhibits and artists as well as helpful posts on the Business of Being An Artist like "Photographing Your Artwork" and "How To Get Your Work Into Art Galleries". Laura also has a workshop available called Marketing 101 for Book Artists.

Past Exhibitions: Each exhibition has an online catalog.Above photo is from Mary Bennett's 1,983 Rejections: 3 Acceptances.

I hope you enjoy your virtual visit to 23 Sandy Gallery. And do visit Laura's own website and see her books at Simply Books, Ltd.

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