Monday, September 19, 2011

More On Outdoor Sculpture at Maudslay

Saturday was the Artist Walk which I always enjoy. It is both instructive and inspirational to hear the artists talk about their process. I was thinking I'd be speaking early as I was toward the beginning of the trail but due to a Theater in the Open performance in the park, the order was switched and I had to leave before my turn.

I did walk past mine on the way out and noticed that some of the books were slipping on their strings. My test in the garden was with a thicker jute strings which held better. I returned today and tied a small piece of the green jute under the knot that tied each book to the string.

Come and add your offering. There are only a few blank books left but quite a few blank pages as not all books are completely filled. They are being written and drawn in by all ages and are filled with joy and appreciation of the park. I'm looking forward to binding them all in a larger book after the exhibition closes.

The exhibit at Maudslay State Park continues until October 1. Lots of great work. The theme of play is fun!

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