Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Book Arts Tuesday-Carol Barton's Pop-ups

I love pop-ups but don't use them very often in my teaching and never in my work. I do follow and admire the work of Carol Barton. She has published two excellent books on the subject. Here's the description of The Pocket Paper Engineer, Volume 1.

The Pocket Paper Engineer, Volume 1, is a lively how-to workbook that guides the reader through the process of designing and constructing basic pop-up forms. Filled with do-it-yourself models and easy-to-follow visual and verbal instructions, each form is illustrated with a playful pull-out card that can be cut and assembled, then stored in a pocket within the book. Also included are instructions for creating your own pop-ups, production tips, and discussions about paper, adhesive, and pop-up mechanics. This is a workbook for adults and children alike who are seeking some creative fun!

You can order copies at the Popular Kinetics Press website. You'll also find a gallery of pop-ups made by Carol and her adult and child students, a link to her blog The Popular Edge: Pop-Up and Book Arts News, and information about her classes. On the Meet the Artist page there's a link to Carol's podcast interview with Steve Miller for "Book Arts and Poets".

Popular Kinetics Press

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