Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Thank You Ode

I received this wonderful thank you from a graduate education class at Framingham State University. I love the poem they wrote. In addition to their most welcome kind words, I appreciated that they really understood my approach and made the thank you from recycled materials.

Ode to A Bookmaking Queen

Susan, we really cannot thank you enough
for showing us all your fabulous stuff
We know it is vital to publish and share
and you gave us ideas adding humor and flair
Now we can create books while saving our time
and use recycled items without spending a dime
We loved your ideas on how to minimize waste
but probably won't try out the homemade flour paste
You taught us how to fold and the value of colored glue
Who knew we'd get to sew and bang nails too?
So many options for publishing what kids write
even ideas for Family Literacy Night
We learned about velcro dots and bookmarks in a ring
and got to try your cool string-measuring thing
You advised us to choose materials with thought and care
and to avoid catalogs showing underwear
You anecdotes were really a riot
from girdle books to BEADS EQUALS QUIET
But probably our most favorite advice
is that things need not ever be precise
Tuesday's class was most certainly a blast
we never knew three hours could fly by so fast
You are the Bookmaking Extraordinaire
with quite a creative flair
For sharing your time and expertise, we thank you so so much!

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Glad you shared this poem, Susan!

What a heartwarming & amusing response to your work!

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