Thursday, December 08, 2011

Scottish Mystery Concluded

In the November 15 Book Arts Tuesday, I wrote about the exquisite paper sculptures that were appearing in libraries around Edinburgh, a story that had been circulating around the internet. The identity was believed to be an artist who worked with paper and books. When the Edinburgh Evening News polled its readers, they said they would prefer not to know who the creator was. The Evening News readers have their wish and the surprising series has drawn to a close at ten. The last sculpture was left at the Scottish Poetry Library, the location of the first with a note—

So, here, she will end this story, in a special place…A Poetry Library…where they are well used to 'anon.'

You can read more of the story on Robert Krulwich's blog at NPR

and a longer story at Central Station

and see Chris Scott's beautiful photographs of all ten on flickr.


Anonymous said...

love those feathers, what a lovely conclusion to the mystery!

Samantha Marshall said...

It's just amazing!!! I'm so inspired by this.

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