Tuesday, January 03, 2012

New Year Books To Make and Share

At least once during every class my Qi Gong teacher Rose says: "Smile at your heart." I think it's a great message to start the year of 2012. In the spirit of sharing, I've made pdfs with four books for you to make on each—one for you and three to share. I made the color ones first and printed them on epson matte presentation paper. You might be just as happy (or happier depending on the quality of your printer and paper) printing the black and white version on colored or white paper.

PRINT the Smile at your heart PDF in black and white

PRINT the Smile at your heart PDF in color

Start by cutting out a book and folding it in half the long way (like a hot dog) with the writing on the outside.

1. Fold the folded paper in half with Smile on the outside.

2. Bring the edge of one layer back to meet the fold and crease.

3. Turn the paper over so the long side is on top.

4. Bring the edge back to meet the fold and crease.

Your accordion is made. You can stop here or continue on to add a ribbon tie. You will need:

Glue stick
Scrap Paper
Ribbon, twice the length of the book

5. Open the paper. You should be looking at plain paper with Smile at your heart upside down on the top half of the back. Fold the last fourth of the book over. You should be looking at Words: Rose, etc.

6. Trim a very small bit off the edge of the fold in the middle of the Words: Rose page. This will make a slit for you to insert the ribbon.

7. Insert the ribbon into the slit.

8. Adjust the ribbon so there is an equal amount on either side of the page.

9. Open the book and place it print side down on a piece of scrap paper.

10. Cover the bottom half with glue.

11. Close the book and smooth to help the glue adhere.

12. Fold up the book and tie the ribbon in the front.


Marcia said...

Great little project to start the New Year! Nice clear instructions too. Thanks, Susan.

Unknown said...

Best in new year, Susan!

Melanie said...

A delightful tiny book!

Thank you.

Sue Williams said...

The wonderful gift of sharing - may your 2012 be filled with inspiration!. Love, Sue in S Africa

Kate said...

What a brilliant and adaptable little project! I see Yule cards and student poetry and all manner of fun in this format. Thank you.

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