Sunday, January 29, 2012

Studio Sunday-Edward A. Karr

I was thinking about Ed Karr today who was a calligrapher in Boston for many years. Maybe Brian McGrory's piece on Mayor Kevin White and the "New Boston" he created made me think of Ed who was very much a part of old Boston as well as new. Visiting Ed in his studio on Boylston Street and hearing his stories and seeing his work was always an inspiration. I often think of his response when people asked him how long something took—my whole life up until now.

Today I took a close look at this piece of original calligraphy by Ed. There isn't much online about him but I did find this—We Sing of Life hand-lettered from front to back by Ed and published in 1955 and available online with permission from The American Ethical Union.

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Anonymous said...

I enjoy your facebook posts very much. Thank you. I also have one of your bookmaking books in my classroom. The children love making these books. Wendy

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