Wednesday, April 25, 2012

May Day Book to Make and Share

Every year when we gather on the banks of Charles River in the early morning hours to celebrate May Day, my favorite part is the singing of the Padstow May Song. Here's a little book with the chorus of the song for you to make. Start by downloading the May Book Book PDF.

You'll need:
* Print of the pdf with the pages. You can either print it on stiff paper or card stock or print on regular weight paper and glue it to something heavier.
* Scissors
* Hole punch
* 2 Buttons (I prefer one with a shank for the front and one with holes for the back)
* Twist tie from bread or a piece of wire
* Several pieces of ribbon (optional)
* Colored pencils or markers to color in the ribbons and flowers (optional)

Make the book:
1. Cut out the pages. There are seven plus a Happy May Day which you can use for a title if you'd like to put the book in a little box.

2. Punch a hole in each page at the circle.

3. Thread the twist tie through the front button and pull so that the ends are even.

4. Stack the pages together, insert the ends of the twist tie into the holes, and pull them through from the back. The words are on the printed sheet in case you need help with the order of the pages.

5. Pull apart the twist ties a little so that the button is anchored in the front and won't slip back out.

6. If you are using ribbons, fold them in half, wrap them under and around the button, and tie a knot under the button.

7. Thread a twist tie end into two holes of the button and pull so that the button is firmly anchored. I prefer to use a button with holes for the back but you can also use one similar to the front.

8. Twist the ends together several times to secure the button. Trim off any extra.

Display it in your home or office, add it to a May basket for a friend, or present it in a leftover jewelry box. It is a beautiful reminder of the life unfolding and unfurling outside and the connection among people that we need to foster and cherish. "Now let us unite."

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