Monday, April 30, 2012

Poetry Month-Azaleas

Here's a post for the last day of poetry month—a poem in English and Korean. Five years ago I was invited to Korea and spent a wonderful week there. Before I went, I met with David McCann of Harvard University (brother of a colleague from the Children's Museum) and he shared with me his knowledge and experience of Korea and their great love of poetry and literature. This is a famously popular poem in Korea and I made it into a little book to distribute there. The photo was taken at Maudslay State Park in Newburyport.

Here's the poem in English:

When you go away, Sick of seeing me, I shall let you go gently, no words.

From Mount Yak in Yongbyon, An armful of azaleas I shall gather and scatter on your path.

Step by step away, On the flowers lying before you, Tread softly, deeply, and go

When you go away, Sick of seeing me, though I die; No, I shall shed not a tear.

poem by Kim Sowol, translation by David R. McCann

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