Monday, April 09, 2012

Poetry Month-Poetry Walk in Attleboro, MA

I thought this was such a wonderful community activity for poetry month. Here is an excerpt from the article in The Sun Chronicle by Judee Consentino:

Librarian Amy Rhilinger and local writer Margie Kelly had worked together to organize the walk since the end of last April, with the hope that it would expose people to poetry in the everyday world, not just a classroom or library.

Led by YMCA youth fitness counselor Ed Poirier and Rhilinger, the walk began on Hayward Street, and then down to Riverbank Road, on to Hodges Street, Elizabeth Road and on to North Main Street where the group walked through Woodlawn Cemetery, then back on to North Main Street to return to the library.

Rhilinger encouraged those who were inspired to stop the group and share their own poetry. As the walkers proceeded through the Balfour River Walk Park, Kelly paused by a budding tree and recited Robert Frost's poem "Nothing Gold Can Stay" in honor of the springtime season.

The photo is of Ed Poirier of Attleboro reading a poem about carnivals in what used to be a location where carnivals where erected. (Photo by John Ochiltree for The Sun Chronicle)

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