Sunday, April 15, 2012

Studio Sunday-Awaiting Boxes

Three community bookmaking projects are awaiting the next step. First (above) will be preparing the books from the fourth grade students at the Molin School in Newburyport for the Poetry Fence that will be installed in front of the Newburyport Public Library a week from tomorrow. Three other Newburyport Literary Festival volunteers will be joining me on Tuesday to thread them for hanging.

Above are bins with the books from Lowell Women's Week. My original thought was to bind them all into one long book (method yet to be determined) but there are so many that I think there will be four separate books in boxes for the LWW Archives at the Lowell Center for History. The smaller box below contains the books from the Maudslay installation last fall. As they will be the model for the LWW books, they will be bound first. I had expected that task would be long done but...

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