Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Book Arts Tuesday-Fan Books Workshop

On a rainy day in May, I'm enjoying remembering a bright Saturday morning Gathering of Gifts Fan Book Workshop at the Center for Creative Wholeness in April. Here are a few photos of the space set up and ready for the workshop.

We used old postcards, cereal boxes, buttons, and twist ties. We started by making a book from strips cut from leftover exhibit postcards to learn the simple construction. This book was made from that original structure and adding images from a garden catalog and hand lettered words that I had provided.

Then we all played with different shapes—petals

and circles—the last one uses one of my favorites from the collage box, patterns from the insides of security envelopes.

We're off for the summer but there will be more workshops and new books to make at the Center for Creative Wholeness in the fall.

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