Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Book Arts Tuesday-Illuminated Cookies

Thanks to Jules Siegel's posting on the Book Arts List for an alert to this post about making Medieval Illuminated Letter Cookies on the Luminarium blog. Anniina writes:

I wanted to share with you some Medieval manuscript cookies I made for my friend and colleague, Risa Bear, creator of Renascence Editions. I chose historiated initials from several manuscripts, printed them on edible paper with edible ink, attached them to square cookies and gave them gold edges. Who says love of literature and art can't fill a belly?!

While you're there, you'll find other blog entries of interest and Luminarium: An Anthology of English Literature, a website which covers the Medieval, Renaissance, 17th Century, and Restoration periods. For Chaucer, there are complete texts of the Canterbury Tales and other works as well as audio readings by Anniina, quotes, a biography, essays and articles about his works, and links to other sites. One could spend hours and hours, no day and days, on all the rich resources here.

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