Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Celebrating Zelda Fitzgerald's Birthday

Zelda Fitzgerald was born on July 24, 1900. Here's a calligraphic piece I did many years ago after reading Nancy Milford's book, Zelda. It was summer and I remember how Zelda's presence swirled around me for days after I finished the book. I chose the gouache colors because of the line quoted from Zelda's Caesar's Things: "aspiration might be pale orchid" she wrote "anchored with passion (vermillion)."

In addition to writing, Zelda also created artwork which you can view here.

Nancy Milford and the Legend of Zelda, an interview with author Nancy Milford by Royal Young in Interview.

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Mo Crow said...

read Zelda's autobiography "Save Me the Waltz" a long time ago and enjoyed it as a counterpoint to F.Scott's work, thank you for this sharing, love her fragile painting & your calligraphy.

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