Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Standing Desk Anniversary

It's the one year anniversary of my switching to a standing desk. No trips to the acupuncturist since so I'm happy. Occasionally I have tired legs after a long day but there's definitely more movement and change of position than when I was sitting which is how I got myself into trouble. Working on graphics was no adjustment at all but it did take a while to be comfortable writing after so many years of writing sitting down from first grade on. Of course if I wasn't such a lousy typist, I'm sure it would be easier. I don't have many regrets but not learning how to type way back when is one of them. It really slows me down.

There was an interesting piece on Marketplace on NPR a few days ago—To stand or sit at work?—and I was inspired to answer their call for photos of standing desks. And here's a previous post with some other additions I made to my arrangement.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Congrats re: standing desk!
When I started high school, typing was compulsory & I managed to reach the 30 wpm minimum--so glad I did!
Happy 4th!

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