Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thoughtful Thursday-Thanks for the Community

Mo Crow from Australia left this as a comment to another post. Although we may not have all the free time we would like and life seems busier than ever, I so enjoy the way we can build a community across the globe. I am thankful for all of you.


Mo Crow said...

Thank you Susan what an honour! & about that free time... y'know suddenly more than half my life had flown by at the turn of the century bringing thoughts of mortality & that if I didn't find the time I wouldn't get all the dreams that are in my head out into the world in this lifetime! So I start my day at 3 am, it's the quiet time in this city of 4 million people and gives me a solid 5-6 hours of space to make my art & visit wonderfully inspiring blogs like this one here before going out to work as a gardener in the "real" world.

Unknown said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Susan!
Our Canadadian Thanksgiving is celebrated in October but, from this side of the border, much joy is shared and glad wishes are made.
This post today from you and Mo Crow was wonderful!

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