Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Book Arts Tuesday-Calls for Submission

I've come across several calls for submission for book arts exhibitions and thought I'd share them.

FEAST! at 23 Sandy Gallery in Portland, OR
23 Sandy Gallery, a book arts gallery in Portland, Oregon, is pleased to announce our first 2013 biannual juried exhibition: FEAST! The book arts offer a banquet of materials, mediums and structures. Food offers a smorgasbord of ideas for the artist. Mix up generous servings of food and art and you have a sumptuous feast called artist books. For this exhibition we are seeking food-related unique and limited edition artist books. Food can play many roles in the book arts: stories and memories of food and family, books about food issues such as hunger, sustainability or tales of the locavore, cook books, of course, and even books made of food. Go forth and feast on this big wide world of food and book arts.

Hidden Agendas at Atelier 6 in Bend, OR

A national juried show of handmade artist books–editions or one-of-a-kind–sculptural, traditionally bound, book objects, altered books and broadsides are encouraged.  This show is open to a wide interpretation of the theme – tell a story or expose hidden layers; reveal emotions or make us laugh – truth or fiction.  You choose!

Artists Book Cornucopia IV at Abecedarian Gallery in Denver, CO

Exhibition details regarding Artists Book Cornucopia IV Abecedarian Gallery’s annual juried artists’ book exhibition are now available.Deadline to submit is extended to February 23, 2012. Accepted bookworks will be on exhibit from April 19 - June 2, 2013.  Eligible are any artists’ bookworks with the exception of Self Published on Demand books. There are no restrictions regarding when the work was completed or whether it has been exhibited previously. Entries will be juried by Mary Marsh, Visual Resources Librarian at SCAD Atlanta. Up to $1500 in exhibition and purchase awards. All accepted works will be included in both an online and print exhibition catalog. An opening reception will be held on April 19, 2013, 6-8pm.Entry fee $18 for the first work, $12 for each additional.


A subset of the artist’s book is the altered book, in which the starting material is an already published book. Any book, old or new, can become an altered book. The transformation can involve any number of interventions—from adding materials to erasing and cutting out bits of the original. Thin pages can be glued together to create
supports for collages, painting, and other materials; bindings can be snipped, pages cut and burned, folded, and subjected to all manner of treatments. Books can be subjected to the elements, left to rot in the rain or to disintegrate in the ocean. The degree of alteration can be minimal, even delicate, creating a kind of palimpsest through which the original can be glimpsed. Or the transformation can be a total
obliteration of what was there. Medieval Italian monks scraped clean the pages of
old manuscripts and wrote new texts on the valuable parchment. William Burroughs’s method of writing involved a disruptive violence toward the printed work on the pages of books; he cut pages into pieces and rearranged them so that the text came together in new ways.

If you are feeling that your photographs need improvement, see 23 Sandy Gallery's excellent blog posts on Photographing Your Artist Books.

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