Thursday, January 03, 2013

Ninth Day of Christmas-Tin Angel

This gift angel from my friend Trudy makes me think of the Joni Mitchell song.

Varnished weeds in window jars
Tarnished beads on tapestries
Kept in satin boxes are
Reflections of love's memories
Letters from across the seas
Roses dipped in sealing wax
Valentines and maple leaves
Tucked into a paperback
Guess I'll throw them all away
I found someone to love today
Dark with darker moods is he
Not a golden Prince who's come
Through columbines and wizardry
To talk of castles in the sun
Still I'll take a chance and see
I found someone to love today
There's a sorrow in his eyes
Like the angel made of tin
What will happen if I try
To place another heart in him
In a Bleeker Street cafe
I found someone to love today
I found someone to love today

1 comment:

Mo Crow said...

oh what a beautiful angel and the Joni Mitchell song is so perfect I am thinking a lot about memory and nostalgia and how we tuck our most precious bits and pieces away in special boxes in our bowers to be treasured and held when needed...

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