Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Book Arts Tuesday-Valentine Book to Make and Share

Here's a simple unfolding book to make for a valentine. I usually call the form a Who Am I? Book but this time instead of unfolding to reveal an identity, the final page completes the message. For me, Valentine's Day is about more than romance. Here's a wish for all my friends, known and unknown.

I used a small piece of grocery bag for the pages, a Trader Ming's box for the cover, and a ribbon and a button for the tie. Paper from the collage box decorated the cover and the writing was done with red marker.

You can print this PDF for directions to make the book. And here's PDF in Spanish. Thanks as always to Lourdes V. Pichardo and Laura Mason Zeisler, M.Ed for the translation.


Unknown said...

Thank you for keeping this blog. It's a delight to follow it.

Nola said...

Susan--this is so sweet!
I love it. Thanks much for sharing.

Hannah Hunter said...

Thank you for sharing this project with us. I used it as the basis for an art group in a children's hospital where I work. The kids loved it; the unfolding, the sequencing and the surprise.

Susan Kapuscinski Gaylord said...

Hannah, Feel free to send photos of the books for to me to share on the blog so they can inspire others to create. Love that you made books at a children's hospital. susan@susangaylord.com

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