Sunday, February 24, 2013

Studio Sunday-A New Spirit Book Underway

Working on a new Spirit Book—the base and the main part of the cradle were made a long time ago. The cotton pods have just been added. I gathered them on last year's trip to Texas Tech in Lubbock, Texas. Jill so kindly took me out of the city to stand under the big sky. When I looked down, I was amazed to see cotton at my feet.

Removing the cotton bolls creates a visual transformation. A delicate and beautiful structure is revealed. I added some small beads and spent much of Friday figuring out the best way to attach them to the cradle.

I've planned out the pages and now it's time to make holes and stitch.

1 comment:

Hannah Hunter said...

The cotton pods are lovely. Knowing that they are from a plant with such a long history adds resonance.

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