Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Book Arts Tuesday-Persephone Book to Make & Share

Celebrate the beginning of spring by making a little book of the Greek myth of Persephone. I first made this book for Multicultural Books To Make and Share and included it in Handmade Books For A Healthy Planet. For the section on books from the Americas, I considered the comic book as the book form of popular culture and made the connection between today's superheroes and the Greek gods and goddesses. All you need is the printed page and a pair of scissors. If you don't have scissors handy, you can tear the paper.

Print the pdf on US Letter size paper. (You may want to download it before printing. For some strange reason, the text and illustrations were not centered properly on the page when I printed from the web but were just right when I downloaded it.)

Persephone PDF to print and share

Make a Hot Dog Booklet. The writing should be on the outside when you make the first fold.

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