Thursday, March 28, 2013

Thoughtful Thursday-Norman Sasowsky

Norman Sasowsky has written a thoughtful piece presented in what he calls a PDF digital booklet about his sixty years of living as an artist. There is much to ponder here. Here is what he has to say about success:

SUCCESS is, however, for the very few, and, once gained, very ephemeral. But, for many striving artists, this is difficult to see, because it seems that part of an artist’s makeup comes with feeling special and expecting the Reward. The “lucky” ones develop a style or product that catches on and provides a way for the artist, and more often the salesman, the art dealer, a means to cash in, and in our time there is a great deal of money involved. Of course most of these monetary profits end up in the hands of others because the “hot” item immediately becomes a commodity, some­ thing to be traded and not necessarily appreciated or valued for the art work.

All of these can quickly fall away and the artist is left to sustain the market for their work by making the necessary adaptations or withdrawing from the game. You can imagine how good it can feel to have ones’ work recognized, honored, collected. One is easily addicted. Unfortunately, success can have serious consequences for artists who cannot manage it. Yet many of us continue to seek that Success.

Norman Sasowky PDF Digital Booklet

Norman Sasowky Video

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