Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Book Arts Tuesday-The Poetic Pen

Last year 23 Sandy Gallery in Portland, OR had an exhibition of book and calligraphic works called The Poetic Pen. You can view the collection in the online catalog. I appreciate the thoroughness of the online information: artist statement, materials, and multiple images. The above photo is of Blue Peach by Alice Simpson. Here's what the artist has to say about it:

When I first began making books in 1992, I hated the time wasted, pardon the pun, ruminating about what I wanted to create a book about, so I chose the peach as a subject, and made one after another with that theme. Why the peach? Because my creative experience is juicy, jubilant, sensual and delicious like the fruit. Rumi’s 13th Century poetry perfectly describes the pleasure I find in the creative process.

And here's what Gallery Director Laura Russell has to say about the exhibit:

Calligraphers throughout history have employed poetry to illustrate the art and fine craft of lettering, letterforms and calligraphic design. Whether original or borrowed, excerpted or unabridged, poetry, when combined with either traditional or expressive contemporary lettering, is the beautiful voice of the written word. This international, juried exhibition will include unique and editioned wall-hung works, broadsides, artist books, objects and more.

The Poetic Pen

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