Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Book Arts Tuesday-Sacred Text Talking

Cari Ferraro has written a beautiful review of an inspiring exhibition, Dialoguing with Sacred Texts, Past Present and Future, on display at Santa Clara University in California through June 30. Here's what she says at the beginning of her thorough and informative review:

This beautiful illuminated Koran from the eighteenth century has lines of beautiful script, shining gold, intricate decoration, and the varnish of age, all combining to form the very image of a sacred text. It is showing in Santa Clara University’s current exhibit, “Dialoguing with Sacred Texts, Past Present and Future” on display daily between 9 and 7 in the university’s library on the third floor. A sacred text is commonly thought of as a book, but this exhibit shows not only the codex form of books, but scrolls, drawings, broadsides, prints, myriad prayer beads, sculptural books without words, shoes, photographs, weavings, stitchings, and multi-media explorations of modern worship. Religions represented include “the major five” religions of the world, from a Western point of view: Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, and Hinduism, with just enough sacred poetry and nature devotion thrown into the mix to make it interesting. As curator Michelle Townsend said of assembling the exhibit, “The fun part was when the books began to talk to each other.”

Cari's online Journal is always worth viewing. Her posts are thoughtful and her work in calligraphy and book arts is always wonderful to behold.

Cari's Blog

Caris Sacred Texts Review

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Valerianna said...

Beautiful, and thanks, I'm following her now.

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