Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Poetry Month-Book Spine Poems

As Poetry Month draws to a close, I am both sad to see my daily interaction with poetry end but also a bit relieved to not have the obligation of a daily post. The most fun thing for me was the book spine poem, both creating mine and then receiving poems by email. It's a delight to get to share them. Thanks all for sending. I have identified the author by name and location when I have them. The top poem was by Melanie Bennett from Massachusetts. What I love about the poems is that they are small works to savor and reading lists for future encounters with the book.


Fiona Dempster, Australia

Hannah McSawley, North Carolina

Bettina Gellinek Turner, Massachusetts

Jeanne McMenemy, Washington

Jill A. Trescott

Katie Smith, Utah


Patricia A. McGoldrick, Canada


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