Sunday, April 07, 2013

Studio Sunday-Dance Quotes

The lettering of dance quotes for Susan Spellman's dancers exhibit (and possibly forthcoming book) was one of those experiences where everything flows. It started when we met by chance at the Artists & Craftsman store in Saugus and she told me about her paintings, the quotes that she had found and printed to accompany them, and her thoughts about putting together a Print on Demand book of the paintings and quotes. Shortly after, I had a vision of the quotes in calligraphy screened over the paintings in photoshop and contacted Susan. She was interested and it started.

I knew I wanted the letters to be edged pen rather than brush. Because I also wanted them to have a soft feel, I used marker (a 3.5 Y & C Calligraphy marker) rather than pen. I first wrote the quotes out on newsprint,

then on an inexpensive water color paper cut to US Letter size so that they would fit on the scanner. I wrote each quote 2 to 3 times.

After they were scanned into the computer, I cleaned them up a bit. Each final quote started with the image of the painting.

The scanned quote was placed on top as another layer in Photoshop.

That layer was changed from Normal to Screen to produce the final quote.

The quotes were printed and Susan mounted them for the exhibition.

The exhibition Dancers: Paintings by Susan Spellman will be at the Firehouse Center for the Arts in Newburyport, MA until May 5. Gallery hours are Wednesday through Sunday 12-5 PM with extended hours on performance nights.

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