Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A Fan Book for Bruins Fans

Bruins fever is alive and well here. I'm not immune to the superstition of sports (see old episodes of Cheers for a very funny take on that with Carla and her second husband Eddie LeBec) and since I made a book to commemorate the Bruins being in the Stanley Cup Playoffs two years ago and they won, I knew I had to make one again this year.

When I told my daughter I was making fan book for my husband and our very dedicated Bruins fan friend Brian, she said, "How clever. A fan book for fans." I hadn't even thought of that but I like it.

I usually prefer recycled materials but I wanted black and gold for this one. I went to the Bruins website and printed the player profiles from their roster page. I cut small strips (1.25" x 2.5" for the pages) and made the covers a little bigger. I punched holes in the center of the bottom of each page—just used my eye, no measuring.

For the binding, I used 2 buttons and a twist tie. Here's how:

Insert the two ends of the twist tie into the button holes.

Stack the pages with front and back cover. Insert both ends of the twist tie into holes from the front of the book.

Insert the two ends of the twist tie into the holes of the second button.

Push the button tight against the back of the book.

Twist the two ends tight against the book.

Twist the ends around once and then trim off the excess.

For a gift, place it in a jewelry or other small box.

Tonight: Place it nearby as you watch the game.

Here is last year's project: A Who am I? book.

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