Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Book Arts Tuesday-Visiting Marie Oedel

Last week I visited Marie Oedel in Boston. Like me, she has a studio in her home. Trained at North Bennet Street School and currently working at the Museum of Fine Arts, Marie also does conservation work for a variety of clients and undertakes a lot of interesting projects of her own. She calls herself a book artisan and combines technical skill with a clear vision of the best way to preserve and present. She makes boxes and enclosures for the books in her collection as well as historical models. She is currently fascinated by embroidered book and designed this one.

Here is a small book she made one Christmas when her family was away from home and the requirement was that all gifts must be very small. She made this book from her gift of old cigarette cards and a Boy Scout bookbinding badge.

The treasure of her book collection is this album of all the marbled papers designed by Karli Frigge.

It was a treat to see her workspace and her work, and talk about books, families, business, and travel. Not to mention a delicious lunch. Thank you Marie!

Marie Oedel's Website

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