Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Cards and Prints for Sale

I have always loved making and sending cards and have finally settled on a way to sell them. Writing Art Lessons has been so helpful to me. Through the process I have come to understand the lessons I have learned over the past thirty plus years of artmaking. The next step is to actually apply them to my own life. As I encouraged others to be generous to themselves and let go of the struggle for perfection in the book, I am now encouraging myself to do the same.

I have been wanting to share my work in a small, affordable way—both the things that are created as art pieces and the seasonal images I make for the blog—for a long time. I nixed the idea of printing my own cards (I have never had as a friendly a relationship with my printers as I would like) or of having them printed (I am trying to reduce the number of things in my life so storing printed cards was not appealing). Art Lessons has opened me up to the world of print on demand and I am embracing it. I settled on fine art america as the place to have the cards and prints. And, in addition to the cards, I am also working on books of the Emily Dickinson series and The Spirit Books to be printed at MagCloud.

My starting effort is one garden card and six of the seven quotes from Art Lessons. I can't use the one from Gertrude Stein as I only have permission from the estate to use it in the book. Here are the images of the cards. Vist fine art america to purchase.

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